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Base JET Turbo Kit Includes:

GT15 Turbocharger

Alloy Intake Plenum for HIF44 1 ¾ SU Carb

Intake Charge Pipe Assembly with Blow Off Valve (pipe and elbows from turbo to carburetor)

Turbo Header Pipe Exhaust Manifold (pipe from head to turbo)

Downpipe (pipe from turbo to exhaust system exits in stock location and connects to your existing muffler front pipe)

Oil System (supply and return from engine)

Air Cleaner


EFI Kit Contents:

SC One Piece Throttle Body

SC Billet Injector Adapter

Genuine Bosch 440cc High Flow Fuel Injectors

Billet Fuel Rail

High Flow Inlet Manifold

Bespoke Complete Wiring Loom

Delta D400 Fully Mappable ECU

USB Interface Dongle

Coolant & Air Temperature Sensors

SC A-Series Complete Crank Trigger Kit

Ignition Coil, Billet Bracket & High quality Magnecor leads

Billet fuel pressure regulator

Billet thermostat housing


Thank you for your order, we really appreciate your business.



Turbo Kit with EFI Throttle Body and Base Map Bundle

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