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Mini Cooper Experts

JET Motors Mini Cooper Motorsports offers complete service to anyone who owns a Classic Mini built between 1959 and 2000. Whatever Mini you own, contact us for friendly expert service, parts and advice. Come and visit our shop, or reach out to Jeremy over the phone (503)-869-4294, email (, text, or Facebook message.  


Jeremy went beyond what most shops seem to do. He sets his standards very high on advice and supplying the right quality parts efficiently and quickly.This is not common now a days I know as i too run a shop in vancouver BC. Jet is the place to go for mini info, parts and i am sure service too.

David Gilmour

Reliable, dedicated, knowledgeable and fun as all get out to work with them! And, Jeremy keeps the energy going. Second mini we purchased with them, and we're excited!

TC Reece​

Absolutely the very best. Kind, courteous, exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly. Jeremy and his crew do things right.

Joie Brandt


What Our Clients Are Saying

Get all the parts you need for your

 Classic Mini build in one place!

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Go ahead, treat yourself! You'll find all the tried and true options at Jet Motors!

Custom engineered parts for Classic Mini's to bring old school swagger into the modern era!

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