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JET Motors

Was founded in 2009 when our founder Jeremy was laid off. This was a hard blow for him and so he got on his knees and asked God what he was supposed to do? God directed him to pursue his childhood passion and hobby of working on Minis. Out of Jeremy’s passion for the Classic Mini, he birthed what is now JET Motors. He started the company in his oversized garage in Milwaukie Oregon and worked hard to establish himself as the local Mini Guru. Slowly but surely the business took off a people from all over the Northwest started coming and utilizing the services and expertise that he had to offer. Since then the company has grown into a larger shop located in Happy Valley Oregon (near Portland). With the expansion of the shop Jeremy needed a staff to help him keep up with the workload and has hired on a couple of veteran mechanics and a trainee to help with the day to day wrench turning.


How We Take Care of You

At JET Motors we are all about taking care of You! We understand that your car is personal. Your car is family. Your car and it’s care are important to you. Here at JET Motors, you walk right into our shop and are able to interact with the people who are actually working on your car. We encourage you to be engaged in what we are doing and ask as many questions as you have. In addition to that we take care of you by giving you friendly and upfront service. Our technicians are top notch and love Minis. They know them inside and out and are here to get you back on the road or to upgrade your ride to whatever customization level you want.


The JET Crew

Jeremy Thorpe:

Owner and founder. Jeremy is really the heart and soul of JET Motors. He is a fun loving movie buff with a passion for the classic mini. It's important to Jeremy that Jet Motors is a pleasant, fun place to work. When he is not at the shop, Jeremy is usually spending time with his lovely wife or taking in a movie.

Paul Schultz:

Technician. Paul has been a gearhead as long as he can remember. He loves working on cars. His father was a machinist and taught Paul how to run a lathe when he was only 10 years old. His hobbies over the years have included everything from motorcycles and drag racing quads to race cars and airplanes. As a technician his experience is unmatched and is often consulted by the other employees. When Paul is not at the shop he spends his time working on his Yacht or side projects in his garage.


Rob Clark:

Engineer.  Rob has been a design, test and research engineer for almost 30 years.  His main focus has been engines, transmission and drive axles.  He loves fixing cars, motorcycles, ATV's or anything with an engine.  We are looking forward to working with him to help us develop new and exciting products for the amazing mini cooper.

About Us

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